We arrived in Lusaka in September 2014 we had prayerfully shortlisted a few churches to visit before deciding on which one we would settle for as the Lord would lead. Our first stop was Miracle Life Family Church and because we did not know what time the service started, we arrived at church late and missed the worship part of the service. We were so blessed by the preaching of God’s word that we decided to come a second time, so we could experience the full service, including worship this time. We were so blessed and thanked God for confirming that this place would be our new home. Ceaser led worship in a way we were familiar with. It was a way that did not draw attention to the people on stage, but one that helped us as congregants worship God and also prepare our hearts to receive the preaching of God’s words. Ceaser’s worship leading continually allowed us to leave church encouraged and challenged to bring worship in our daily activities in the week! That is true worship and we were blessed for many weeks, months, and years to come.
Gladys & Godfrey Mhone
When I first started singing at Miracle Life Family Church, even before I became a worship leader, I used to think that being a good singer automatically made me a good worship leader. In fact, I used to think I knew everything, but boy was I wrong. Ceaser, who was the Worship Director at the time helped me unlearn and learn a lot of things about worship and about also myself. Under his leadership and training, I learned the difference between merely singing a worship song and truly leading a crowd in worship and into God's presence. Ceaser helped me see my potential and then pushed me to reach even higher. He challenged me beyond what I ever imagined I could do. He helped me discover what my style of worship is and then created the space for me to explore it and grow. I also learned so much about music in general as well as vocal technique. I simply cannot talk about my journey as a worship leader without mentioning the name Ceaser Mupeta, because he played a huge role in shaping me into the worshipper I am today.
Abigail Malipande
Ceaser's worship leading helped take me to a higher level in my own worship experience. When he leads worship, you can see that he is leading out of an overflow of his own worship experience with God and that would help usher me into my own sincere and authentic experience with God too. Another of Ceaser's leadership endeavors that have helped shape my life is “The Choice Easter Musical,” which brought the story of Christ and our individual choices to life. The way he would direct the musical brought it to life such that no matter what, your heart would be gripped by what you were watching. It was so real, well put together, and very convicting of God's gift to us and our own individual choice in relation to following Christ. Watching this dramatic Easter musical is definitely an experience that would stick with you no matter what and all that was because of how well directed and put together it was.
Chilombo Grace Month
I came to know Ceaser well when he directed the first-ever dramatic Easter musical play, “The Choice”. I marveled at the art that went into telling the story of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. I asked who facilitated this wonderful piece and when I was told it was Ceaser I began to pay more attention to him from that time onwards. I loved the humility, joy, and evident gift I saw in Ceaser at the front each time I went to church. More importantly though, for me as a mother, the fact that Ceaser had time to mentor my children whenever he had an opportunity said a lot about him and his Ministry.
Chomba Nambao Kaonga
Working with Ceaser and under his leadership as a worship leader was an honor. His leadership style has impacted me in many ways, one being the value of time management. Time management is something l took for granted before, but Ceaser took timekeeping and preparedness so seriously such that once one was late even for 5 minutes, then they could not minister. Through this l learned that we need to be worshippers who help God's people connect to God and usher them in His presence with excellence and quality. In addition, Caesar taught me that whatever you put your mind and focus on, no matter how difficult it may look, you can definitely achieve it. I saw this to be so true whenever we would learn a new song. He would invest such energy and focus, that we would learn lyrics to a new song in just one rehearsal.
Margret Yenga